Serves 12


4 Packets    Fresh steamed crab (sold vacuumed packed 225g each)
2 bunches   Spring onions
36               Cherry tomatoes
1                 Brioche loaf (to have at least 12 slices)
3                 Ripe avocados
Pepper (freshly ground)
Oil & lemon


Empty packets of crab into a bowl, and using two spoons, break up the pieces.  Wash thoroughly, clean, and finely chop the spring onions, but discard most of the length of the green stems.  Incorporate the spring onions with the crab, add the required amount of oil and lemon, and salt and pepper to taste.  Mix all ingredients thoroughly.

Using a ring of about 6-7 cm diameter, cut rounds from the brioche loaf of that size.   Place the ring on the plate, put the round of brioche inside at the bottom, and spoon into it enough crab so that it rises to about 3cm in height.

Using the bottom of a tall narrow glass or something similar, press down the avocado inside the ring.  Separately dice the avocado and place about 2 -3 tbsps. so that the avocado is about 1½ cm above the crab.  Slowly remove the ring and you will be left with a tower of crab and avocado.  You may wish to top the tower with half a cherry tomato for decoration.

Slice thinly some cherry tomatoes, enough to place all around the base of the tower as shown in the picture, and serve.